How to Prevent Ear Infections in Children

Most ear infections start as a cold and progress to an infection of the middle ear caused by bacteria.

You will need

  • Breast milk
  • Clean hands
  • Immunizations

Step 1 Avoid cigarette smoke Avoid places with cigarette smoke especially when you are with your children. Ear infections occur more often in children exposed to cigarette smoke.

Step 2 Limit use of childcare Limit the use of large childcare facilities where there is an increased risk of catching a cold.

Step 3 Breastfeed If you can, breastfeed your baby the first six to 12 months. Breast milk has antibodies that aid in reducing ear infections.

Step 4 Avoid bottle at bedtime Avoid having your child going to sleep while sucking on a bottle or drinking while laying down.

Step 5 Wash hands Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching the nose and eyes with germy hands.

Step 6 Have child immunized Have your child immunized.