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How to Get into Medical School

Getting into medical school requires effort, careful planning, and the ability to rise to one of the biggest challenges you’ll ever face.


  • Step 1: Major in pre-medicine Major in pre-medicine if it’s offered at your school. If not, enroll in the prerequisite courses.
  • TIP: Some schools recommend psychology, cell biology, genetics, and additional writing courses.
  • Step 2: Do well in your courses Do well in all your courses, particularly in the premedical courses. Medical schools look at grades closely.
  • TIP: Some schools require a 3.5 grade point average in order to apply. Doing well in your major tells a prospective school that you’re committed to the study of medicine.
  • Step 3: Do research Participate in research with your professor. Co-authorship on medical research will rank you higher in the application process.
  • Step 4: Do well on the MCATs Do well on the MCATs. Practice, get tutoring, and purchase prep software or an MCAT prep book.
  • Step 5: Volunteer at a hospital or clinic Volunteer at a hospital or local clinic. This will help you decide if it is what you really want, and schools will see it as commitment.
  • Step 6: Choose the right school Be sure you choose the right school. Apply to several -- a few long shots, several competitive, and a few back-ups in case your first choices say no.
  • FACT: Did you know? Harvard Medical School’s class of 2008 had students from 34 states and 13 different countries.

You Will Need

  • Education
  • Discipline
  • MCAT preparation materials
  • Volunteer experience

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