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How to Make an Easter Basket

This year, make an Easter basket that your children will remember forever.


  • Step 1: Get a basket Buy a wicker basket. You can find them at craft stores, discount chains, farm stands, and even dollar stores.
  • TIP: To jazz up an inexpensive basket, weave strips of ribbon around the top and handle.
  • Step 2: Fill with grass Fill the bottom of the empty basket with fake grass. You can buy cellophane grass or cut green construction paper into strips.
  • Step 3: Toss in jelly beans Toss a couple of handfuls of jelly beans on the grass.
  • Step 4: Add candy Add your child’s favorite Easter candy to the basket. Classic choices include marshmallow bunnies and chocolate-filled eggs.
  • Step 5: Add plastic eggs Buy some plastic eggs that twist open in the middle and fill them with small treats – coins, stickers, costume jewelry, hair accessories, or coupons to your kids’ favorite places.
  • Step 6: Slip in real eggs Just before your child looks for his basket, slip in one or two of the real eggs he decorated. Just be sure to re-refrigerate them after he discovers his basket.
  • TIP: Tuck your child’s Easter basket somewhere in the house – or, if you live in a warm climate, in the yard – and say the Easter Bunny hid it for him. It will give him practice for upcoming Easter egg hunts.
  • Step 7: Put in a chocolate bunny For the final touch, put a big chocolate Easter bunny in the center of the basket. Surveys show this is what kids look forward to most in their baskets.
  • Step 8: Enjoy Enjoy! Watching your child delight in his candy is almost as much fun as eating it yourself.
  • FACT: President Reagan was such a fan of jellybeans that he had a special tray on Air Force One to keep them from spilling during turbulence.

You Will Need

  • A wicker basket
  • Plastic grass or construction paper
  • Jelly beans
  • Candy
  • Plastic eggs
  • A chocolate bunny
  • Ribbon strips

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