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How to Pole Dance

Pole dancing has gone mainstream, and was even featured on an episode of Oprah! Here are a few basic moves to help you get into the act.


  • Step 1: Find a pole Find a pole. Many gyms these days offer pole dancing classes and facilities. If you buy your own, be sure to install it correctly.
  • TIP: For safety’s sake, make sure that your pole is intended to be used for pole dancing and that it’s securely and correctly installed.
  • Step 2: Warm up Warm up. As with any exercise, it’s important to do some stretching before you start and to cool down afterwards.
  • TIP: Pole dancing is great exercise—it burns 400 calories an hour and tones your arms, legs and butt.
  • Step 3: Approach pole and bend to a slight squat Approach the pole from behind and slowly and confidently slide your hands up and down it, like you’re giving it a massage. While you’re doing this, bend your knees into a slight squat and rotate your hips slowly in a circle two times in each direction.
  • TIP: Imagine there’s a circle with a diameter of six inches around the pole’s base. Don’t let your feet enter this circle.
  • Step 4: Hold pole, arch back, & walk in circle Place your right hand on the pole a bit above your head, and your left hand on your left hip. Arch your back and slowly walk in a circle around the pole, allowing your hips to sway.
  • TIP: It’s important that you don’t use any lotions or oils before pole dancing—a slippery pole could lead to injury.
  • Step 5: Repeat Repeat, circling in the opposite direction, but stop when you are behind the pole.
  • Step 6: Turn back pole and move hands to waist Turn your back to the pole and move your right hand so it’s grabbing the pole at waist height, then move your left hand so it’s also on the pole at waist height. Keep your feet in place while you turn to the right and blow a kiss over your right shoulder.
  • Step 7: Stay in place and blow kisses over each shoulder Still keeping your feet in place, turn to the left and blow a kiss over your left shoulder. Repeat until you’ve blown two kisses over each shoulder.
  • Step 8: Stand by pole and grab it Move so that you’re standing a little to the left of the pole and grab onto it above your head with your right hand.
  • Step 9: Grab pole, transfer weight, & lift knee up Now grab the pole at shoulder height with your left hand, transfer all of your weight onto your right leg, and slowly lift your left knee up as far as you feel comfortable. Hold it there, tilt your head gently back, and hold this pose for a few dramatic seconds.
  • FACT: The first pole dance on record was performed by Belle Jangles in Oregon in 1968.

You Will Need

  • Music with a good beat
  • A sturdy pole
  • An outfit that helps you feel comfortable
  • sexy & doesnu2019t cover arms & leg
  • A pair of high heels

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