How to Get Worker's Comp

We’ve all taken advantage of sick days to rest up, but what if you really get hurt or sick on the job?

You will need

  • A work-related injury or illness
  • Knowledge of your state's laws
  • Insurance forms
  • A physician

Step 1 Know the law Find out about worker’s compensation laws through your state’s Bureau of Workman’s Compensation or related department.

Step 2 Report injury Report any work-related injury or illness promptly to your employer. If required, fill out a form to document the incident for the insurance company.

Step 3 Visit a physician Visit a physician and inform them that this is a work-related injury or illness. The doctor will determine if, and for how long, you need to be absent from work.

Step 4 Submit additional paperwork Submit any additional paperwork required by the insurance company to complete your claim. Make sure your doctor and employer have submitted their required forms.

Step 5 Wait Wait for a decision and inform your employer of your ability to work per your doctor’s orders.

Step 6 Follow instructions Follow the instructions given to you by the insurance company if your claim is accepted.

Step 7 Appeal Appeal the decision, if you wish, in case your claim is denied.