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How to Carve on a Snowboard

The mark of a skilled snowboarder is their ability to carve a single line down any slope instead of sliding through each turn


  • Step 1: Start moving Start heading down the hill. Keep your knees slightly bent and your weight on your forward leg.
  • Step 2: Practice traversing Practice traversing on both toe-side and heel-side edges with the board rocked up high on its edge and your knees and ankles flexed. Hold the board on its edge as it rails across the slope without skidding.
  • Step 3: Carve Once you are comfortable with traversing on your edge without skidding, put your weight on your front leg, turn your head and look to the side of the slope where you want to turn, bend your legs, and lean onto the heel side of the board as you lower your body into a carve. Your shoulder and the rest of your torso will naturally follow your head.
  • TIP: To put yourself in the right position, use your forward arm. Hold it out, and as you swivel your head, swing your arm so that your hand lines up with where your want to turn.
  • Step 4: Bend your knees As you go into the turn, bend your knees more deeply, but make sure to keep your weight on top of the board to drive the edge into the snow. Apply equal pressure to both feet.
  • TIP: The faster you enter a turn, the more you have to bend your knees to hold an edge and carve.
  • Step 5: Exit the turn To exit the turn, swivel your head and body until you're heading slightly uphill, and straighten up while pressing down on the toe side edge of the board.
  • Step 6: Repeat Stop and look back at the track you have left in the snow. If it's a thin line, then you've got it. If not, keep practicing!
  • FACT: Did you know?Slalom snowboarding didn't become an Olympic sport until the Nagano games in 1998.

You Will Need

  • A snowboard and bootes
  • One groomed beginner or intermediate ski run

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