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How to Combat Pregnancy Fatigue

The first and third trimesters of pregnancy can really zap your energy – recoup your strength by following these sensible steps.


  • Step 1: Get enough rest Go to sleep early in the evening and squeeze in a catnap during the day, even if it's during your lunch break.
  • Step 2: Reduce activities Hire someone to help with household chores or ask a family member for help. Cut back on social and work commitments.
  • Step 3: Engage in light exercise Incorporate light exercise into your day to invigorate yourself and boost circulation. Walk, swim, or do yoga, activities which are beneficial for pregnant women.
  • Step 4: Follow a healthy diet Consume lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and other high-energy foods such as whole-grain pasta. Drink plenty of water daily.
  • TIP: Progesterone levels soar during early pregnancy. Ask your doctor about supplemental vitamins you can try if your energy is especially low.
  • Step 5: Avoid stimulants and sugar Do not drink caffeinated beverages or consume energy-enhancing drugs to try to stay alert. Reduce fatty, sugary, and refined foods, which cause energy levels to peak and crash.
  • TIP: Replace caffeinated drinks with freshly mixed fruit smoothies, which are wholesome ways to get an energy boost.
  • Step 6: Breathe energizing aromas Use pure aromatherapy oils such as litsea cubeba, grapefruit, and mandarin oil to increase energy and help you rest more easily at night.
  • FACT: One in 10 babies are born to women over 35, and most are delivered without complications.

You Will Need

  • Rest
  • Help around the house
  • Light exercise
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • High-energy foods
  • Water
  • Aromatherapy oils
  • Vitamin supplements (optional)
  • Fruit drinks (optional)

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