How to Breastfeed in Public

Breastfeeding outside your home doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety. Create a calm and modest approach to nursing in public.

You will need

  • A sweater
  • jacket
  • or light shirt

Step 1 Plan ahead Plan your trip ahead of time to ensure you are wearing garments that will allow easy access to your breast with minimal exposure.

Step 2 Watch for hunger cues Watch for your baby’s cues for being hungry before the hunger increases and leads to crying or pulling at your clothing.

Step 3 Find a comfortable spot Find a comfortable place to sit with your baby.

Step 4 Hold your baby close Hold your baby close to you as you expose the breast for nursing. This will shield your breast from any onlookers.

Step 5 Wrap the garment around yourself Once your baby has latched onto the breast, wrap your sweater, jacket, or shirt around yourself to cover the breast.