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How to Start Dating Again

After a rough break-up or divorce, it's not easy to get back in the game, so you may need some help.


  • Step 1: Determine that you're ready Figure out if you're ready to date again. If you can picture yourself with somebody other than your ex, you might be ready to start.
  • TIP: Look at pictures of and talk to friends about your ex to see what you feel. If you still hurt, you may need more time.
  • Step 2: Determine if you can handle rejection Picture yourself getting rejected, and ask yourself if you can handle it. Once you know you can, there's no reason to hold back.
  • Step 3: Get involved Join as many different clubs, groups, and organizations as you can. This will get you out there meeting people without actually going on a date.
  • TIP: Try online dating. Even if you never follow through on any dates, it's an emotional step in the right direction.
  • Step 4: Define your needs Define what you want and need -- to yourself and whomever you begin seeing. It's important to be honest with people so you can avoid wasting time.
  • Step 5: Persist Be persistent. Dating invariably involves failures and awkward situations. Learn to laugh at them and chalk them up to experience.
  • TIP: Don’t always blame yourself when a date goes poorly; but also be honest with yourself.
  • Step 6: Allow yourself to be happy Allow yourself to have fun and be happy. Treat dating as an experience rather than an inconvenience, and you will find somebody.
  • FACT: Did you know? People who are in love show similar brain responses to their partners -- whether they’ve been in love for days or for years.

You Will Need

  • The ability to handle rejection
  • Memberships in various clubs
  • Free time
  • An online dating service (optional)

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