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How to Win a Beauty Pageant Contest

Whether you're going for the tiara of a national pageant or competing for a local sash, walk away the winner by following these instructions.


  • Step 1: Research Research beauty pageants to see what they are looking for, and find a pageant that fits you best.
  • Step 2: Exercise Exercise regularly and eat healthy.
  • Step 3: Find help Employ trainers to help you prepare for the talent and interview portions of the competition.
  • TIP: Consider hiring a professional pageant consultant.
  • Step 4: Choose clothes Choose clothes that accentuate your best features. Swimsuits and evening gowns should fit your particular body type.
  • TIP: Bring a sewing kit and mirror with you to the competition.
  • Step 5: Practice a talent Practice your talent and prepare so you are ready for the contest.
  • Step 6: Be respectful Be respectful of the judges, and of your competition.
  • Step 7: Make eye contact Make eye contact with the judges and smile.
  • Step 8: Be confident Walk and talk with confidence in the interview portion. Know who you are, and stay true to yourself.
  • FACT: Did you know? The Miss America Organization first introduced the platform concept, where each contestant chooses an issue she cares about, in 1989.

You Will Need

  • Trainers
  • A swimsuit
  • An evening gown
  • A talent
  • Practice
  • Makeup
  • Respect
  • And confidence
  • A professional pageant consultant (optional)
  • A sewing kit (optional)
  • A mirror (optional)

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