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How to Buy Hanukkah Gifts for Kids

Picking gifts for an eight-day holiday can be daunting. These guidelines will help.


  • Step 1: Start out modestly Start out by giving them something they've been asking for that's modestly priced.
  • Step 2: Be charitable Underscore the spirituality of the season by making a donation in their name to charity.
  • TIP: A child might like a donation they can picture, like a farm animal for a family in a developing nation, while a teen might enjoy a donation made to their favorite celebrity's cause.
  • Step 3: Make it educational Make the third gift something educational that is still fun – a toy or game that provides a mental workout.
  • Step 4: Give them gelt On the fourth night, give them gelt – a Yiddish word for money – in the form of cash, chocolate coins, or both.
  • Step 5: Reinforce your religion Reinforce Hanukkah's religious nature by giving them a book, game, video, or toy related to Judaism.
  • Step 6: Be kind to the planet Be kind to the planet by giving them something eco-friendly on the sixth night.
  • Step 7: Give an experience Give the gift of a shared experience by presenting the entire family with tickets to the theater, a concert, or a sporting event. Or give everyone an IOU for a future outing.
  • Step 8: Save the best for last End the holiday on a high note by giving the children one extravagance that they'll cherish.
  • FACT: Giving gelt during Hanukkah became customary in part so poor people had enough money to buy their holiday candles without having to beg.

You Will Need

  • A modest gift
  • A charitable donation
  • Something educational
  • Gelt
  • A religious book or toy
  • An eco-friendly item
  • A family outing
  • One extravagance

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