How to Grow Grass in Someone's Keyboard

Planting a little lawn in a coworker's keyboard is a nice way to welcome him back from vacation.

You will need

  • Two weeks
  • A spray bottle filled with water
  • Cat-grass seeds

Step 1 Wait for a good time Find a time when a coworker is going to be out of the office for at least two weeks –maybe when he’s on that romantic honeymoon.

Step 2 Spray their keyboard Spray his keyboard–or an old one you don’t mind ruining — with water.

Step 3 Sprinkle in seeds Sprinkle cat-grass seeds in the cracks between the keys.

Step 4 Cover Cover the keyboard with plastic wrap. You want things to get nice and moist.

Step 5 Light it Place the keyboard by a window, where it will get plenty of sunlight.

Step 6 Enjoy! Enjoy the look on your coworker’s face when he comes back from his holiday to find several inches of grass growing out of his keyboard!