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How to Make Hanukkah Cards & Decorations

These fun-to-do crafts will add a homey touch to this year's Festival of Lights – and keep the kids occupied!


  • Step 1: Make a Star of David Take six ice-cream sticks and paint them or cover them with fabric. Fashion the sticks into two triangles and glue the tips together. Then glue the two triangles together to make a Star of David you can affix to a Hanukkah gift package or hang in a window.
  • TIP: Lay it flat with a candle in the middle for a table decoration.
  • Step 2: Create holiday cards Make mini Stars of David by using toothpicks and glue them on pieces of construction paper that you fold to form a holiday card.
  • Step 3: Make a handprint menorah Help children make a handprint menorah: Paint the palms of their hands white, their fingers yellow, and their fingertips tips orange. Cross their hands over and press them onto a piece of blue construction paper, making sure their pinkies overlap. When they remove their hands, they'll see their hands have formed a menorah!
  • Step 4: Fashion a Dreidel picture frame Fashion a Dreidel picture frame: Draw identical Dreidel shapes on two sheets of "fun foam," available at craft stores, and cut them out. Then, cut a square in the middle of one of the Dreidels for your photo to show through. Glue the photo to the uncut foam Dreidel, and glue the foam with the cutout on top. Don't forget to paint and decorate!
  • TIP: The photo opening doesn't have to be square; it could be round, triangular – even heart- or star-shaped.
  • Step 5: Make a Hanukkah wreath Make a Hanukkah wreath: Bend a wire hanger into a circle. Take five empty paper towel rolls that you've cut into thirds, make a slit halfway up each roll, and spray paint them blue. When dry, use the slits to slide them onto the wire, forming a circle. Cut Stars of David out of silver craft paper and glue them to the paper rolls. Hang where everyone can admire.
  • FACT: Even though Hanukkah can fall anytime between late November and late December, it starts on the same day every year according to the Jewish calendar.

You Will Need

  • Art supplies
  • Creativity

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