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How to Curl Your Eyelashes

Eyelash curlers might look like a tiny torture devices, but they're here to help! Learn how to use one correctly, and you'll see things with a fresh set of eyes.


  • Step 1: Dry lashes, open eyes Make sure that your eyelashes are dry and your eyes are open.
  • TIP: If you are also going to wear eyeliner and eye shadow, apply them before curling your lashes.
  • Step 2: Position curler Open the curler and position it over your upper lashes as close to your upper eyelid as possible without touching the skin.
  • Step 3: Pump curler Close the curler, pumping it gently two or three times, moving your wrist in an upward motion. This movement of your wrist will curl the lashes. Remember to keep your eyes open.
  • Step 4: Release curler Release the curler and remove it from your eye. Things are looking up!
  • FACT: The first eyelash curler, Kurlash, was invented in 1923—despite being expensive and hard to use, it was a huge success.

You Will Need

  • A mirror
  • And an eyelash curler
  • A pencil or liquid eyeliner
  • Some eye shadow
  • A metal spoon
  • And a blow-dryer

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