How to Make a Coin Disappear

You may have seen this one a million times, but now it’s your turn to pull the quarter out of somebody else’s ear!

You will need

  • To be seated at a table with no one on either side
  • A coin
  • preferably a quarter
  • A napkin spread out on your lap

Step 1 Place coin on table Place a coin on the surface about a foot in front of you and announce that you’re going to perform a magic trick—but don’t say what it is.

Step 2 Slide it Casually reach toward the coin, covering most of it with you first three fingers, and slide it along the surface toward yourself.

Step 3 Drop it When it reaches the edge of the surface, simply let the coin drop. However, pretend it’s still in your hand as you raise it to eye level, ‘holding’ it between your thumb and first two fingers.

Step 4 Flash the coin ‘Show’ the coin to your friends. As long as you make some distracting chatter and keep your hand moving, they’ll think they’re seeing it.

Step 5 Move it Now move the imaginary coin to your other hand and make a fist, as if that hand now holds the coin. Make a point of showing the audience that the hand that previously held the imaginary coin is now empty.

Step 6 Open both hands With a flourish, show that both hands are empty. Just make sure the dropped coin is nowhere in sight.