How to Host a Budget New Year's Eve Party

Go ahead – invite friends over to ring in the New Year. You can throw an elegant soiree without spending a fortune.

You will need

  • A limited bar
  • Discounted paper products
  • Dollar-store snacks
  • Inexpensive flowers
  • Tea-light candles

Step 1 Limit the bar Limit the bar to beer, wine, and one signature cocktail. Have just enough champagne for everyone to take a few sips at midnight.

Step 2 Use discounted paper products Buy holiday-themed paper products after Christmas, when they’re steeply discounted. Look for stuff with generic winter themes, instead of Santa or Christmas trees.

Step 3 Skip the dinner Invite guests on the later side so you can serve drinks and snacks instead of a full dinner. Plan munchies around what’s available at the dollar store.

Step 4 Make inexpensive eats look elegant Make inexpensive foods look elegant by focusing on presentation. Serve the food on decorative platters or in creative ways.

Step 5 Buy fresh flowers Get several bouquets of an inexpensive flower in one color, and put them in vases around the party area.

Step 6 Use tea lights Buy tea-light candles in bulk and float them in bowls of various shapes and sizes.