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How to Cheat at Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Follow these tips to make sure your tail wins the prize.


  • Step 1: Touch the donkey Touch the donkey where the tail is to be placed before the game begins and remember how high you have to raise your arm for perfect tail positioning.
  • Step 2: Stand straight Stand in front of the donkey before the spinning begins. Spot a marker on the ground to use as a reference to position your feet after the spinning, such as a crack in the sidewalk or lines on a tile floor.
  • TIP: Recommend that the game supervisor draw a line on the ground so everyone starts in the same position to eliminate cheating. This will aid in finding your mark, plus it diverts suspicion.
  • Step 3: Position the blindfold Position the blindfold so you can peek out of the bottom.
  • Step 4: Find the ground marker Peek through the bottom of the blindfold and line up your feet with the marker on the ground.
  • Step 5: Pin the tail Slowly walk toward the donkey and raise your arm to where it was at the donkey. Stick the tail on and you’ve won.
  • FACT: Donkey's milk was a popular beauty treatment in ancient Egypt and is used in beauty products today.

You Will Need

  • Paper donkey
  • Paper tails
  • Non-suspecting donkey players
  • See-through blindfold (optional)

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