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How to Reduce Cord Clutter

A snarl of cords is messy and can be dangerous, especially if your pets play with them and chew on them. Here's how to eliminate this hazard.


  • Step 1: Buy devices with retractable cords Buy devices with retractable cords so only the amount of cord needed is visible.
  • Step 2: Use cord ties Use cord ties to bind cords together.
  • TIP: You can also use cable ties, clips, and Velcro fasteners.
  • Step 3: Hide in cord tubes Hide multiple cords in a cord tube or cover.
  • Step 4: Clip your cords Clip your cords with cord clips under a desk or behind your workstation.
  • Step 5: Paint Tack cords to the wall and paint them the same color as the wall to help hide their presence.
  • FACT: Did you know? In the United States, each year more than 15,000 people suffer fatal accidents from hazards in their home.

You Will Need

  • Retractable cords
  • Cord ties
  • Cord tubes
  • Cord clips
  • Tacks
  • Paint
  • A paint brush
  • Cable ties (optional)
  • Velcro fasteners (optional)

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