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How to Make the Most of Your Hotel Stay

You've found a great hotel but before you check in, check out these travel-savvy tips.


  • Step 1: Stay on a floor with a booster pump Ask the front desk to call engineering and find out which floors have booster pumps. Staying on a floor with booster pumps means you'll have the best possible water pressure all day long.
  • Step 2: Get a renovated room Get a recently renovated room. Large hotels are always in the process of renovating rooms, a few at a time. Getting a room that was just remodeled could mean you get newer accommodations that are more stylish and more comfortable.
  • TIP: Make sure there aren't still construction projects going on near the room that could disturb your stay.
  • Step 3: Get a room on the top floor Get a room on the top floor so you don't have worry about noise from above. It'll also have the best view, and the ceiling might be higher as well.
  • TIP: Corner rooms tend to be larger no matter which floor you're on.
  • Step 4: Clean key items Request a fresh bedspread as soon as you arrive; most hotels don't wash them at the end of every stay. Make sure to travel with antibacterial wipes and clean items that never, or rarely get sanitized like remotes, telephones, and clock radios.
  • Step 5: Replicate the mini-bar Make your own mini-bar. Bring mixed nuts, chocolate bars, mini bottles of liquor, and a few bags of chips so you won't be tempted to pay outrageous hotel mini-bar fees. Not only will you be saving money, but your stash of goodies will be stocked exclusively with the treats you love.
  • Step 6: Set up an in-line dimmer Create a cozier environment with soft indirect lighting using in-line dimmers. Plug the lamps into a dimmer, and the dimmer into the wall; then use the slider to adjust the lights to your taste.
  • Step 7: Tip properly Tip the valet, doorman, bellhop, waiters, and housekeeping daily to get the highest level of service. Who knows, once word of your generosity gets around to the management, you may even get that killer room upgrade at no extra cost!
  • FACT: More than a billion travelers stay at hotels every year in the U.S.

You Will Need

  • Inquisitiveness
  • Knowledge
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Snacks and drinks
  • In-line dimmer
  • Tip money

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