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How to Write a Biography for Your Band

Use creativity, memorabilia, and accolades from fans to weave an interesting biography for your band.


  • Step 1: Make an outline Write out an outline that lists your band's major musical influences, accomplishments, important gigs, and members and their parts.
  • Step 2: Write the first paragraph on who Develop your first paragraph. Start with statements that introduce your band with its name, members' hometowns, music genre, and major influences.
  • Step 3: Write the second paragraph on why Write a second paragraph that includes an explanation of why the biography was written, and how it might tie into a new release, a new member, or upcoming gigs.
  • TIP: Keep the biography to one page, or 800 to 1,000 words.
  • Step 4: Write abut accomplishments Develop the third and fourth paragraphs by including member backgrounds, group formation, accomplishments, and special recognitions.
  • Step 5: End with a quote or endorsement End with a quote from a fan, or an endorsement. Include information about current and upcoming events and the band's web site.
  • FACT: The first bestselling biography was James Boswell's The Life of Samuel Johnson. He used letters, memoirs, and interviews with friends.

You Will Need

  • Pen and paper
  • Band memorabilia for reference
  • Quotes from fans
  • Endorsements
  • Word-processing software (optional)

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