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How to Turn a One-Night Stand into a Long-Term Relationship

Instead of escaping, you want to settle down? Turn that fling into the real thing with these tips.


  • Step 1: Make a good impression Make a good impression the morning after. Prepare breakfast, or go out for a cup of coffee. Use humor and a little well-placed flattery to defuse a potentially awkward situation.
  • Step 2: Gauge their feelings Pay special attention to their behavior and body language. Standoffish behavior means it's time to let this one go. Smiling, flirting, and mimicking your body language are all good signs they feel a connection too.
  • Step 3: Call Let them know they're more than a one-night-stand by calling them. Be light and flirty on the phone and if the conversation heats up, tell them you can't stop thinking about your carnal connection. Then, if they seem comfortable talking to you, ask them out on a date.
  • TIP: Be careful not to be too clingy or pushy. Some people are cautious after a sexual encounter and being needy can chase them away.
  • Step 4: Go out Go on a date outside the bedroom. Plan something where you can talk, and use your time together to discuss mutual interests. Most importantly, have fun and get to know your potential partner.
  • TIP: Talk to them a couple of times a week to show your continued interest. Instead of calling just to "check in," ask about something specific that's happening in their life, or just relate an interesting story.
  • Step 5: Go out with friends Go out with their friends. It'll give you the opportunity to make a good impression with their most trusted advisors. Bringing them along with your pals lets them know you want to include them in more than just no-strings-attached sex.
  • Step 6: Talk about the future Take the reins and ask if you should still be seeing other people. With any luck, they'll jump at the chance to be exclusively yours.
  • FACT: A study of college students found that 12 percent of one-night stands turned into romantic relationships.

You Will Need

  • Humor
  • Flattery
  • Charm
  • Social skills
  • Honesty

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