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How to Tell If You Have Bad Breath

Many people suffer from halitophobia: an irrational fear of having bad breath. Here's a handy way to lay your fears to rest—or confirming it once and for all.


  • Step 1: Scrape tongue w/ spoon Take a small spoon and gently and carefully scrape the very back of your tongue.
  • TIP: If you don't have a spoon, lick the bare part of your wrist, let the saliva dry a few seconds, and sniff.
  • Step 2: Sniff spoon Sniff the material that comes off on the spoon. If the odors makes you recoil in horror, it's time to invest in some serious dental care.
  • FACT: Saliva cleans the mouth and carries away malodorous food particles, so a dry mouth can cause bad breath.

You Will Need

  • The fear that you have bad breath
  • A spoon

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