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How to Play the Buried Cubicle Prank on a Co-worker

There’s one in every office – a worker who spends more time moaning about how much he has to do than actually doing it. Here’s a way to add to his load.


  • Step 1: Enlist some help Ask a few coworkers to get in on the joke with you; you’re going to need a lot of hot air to pull this one off.
  • Step 2: Buy balloons Buy several dozen balloons. Exactly how many you need will depend on the size of the victim’s workspace.
  • Step 3: Pick a night Pick a night when all the volunteers can stay after work to blow up the balloons.
  • TIP: Make a party out of it by providing some snacks and drinks.
  • Step 4: Tape up the entranceway Use packing tape to seal up the entranceway of the cubicle so the balloons will stay inside.
  • Step 5: Fill the workspace Fill the workspace with balloons. Ideally, you’d like the balloons to come to the very top of the person’s cubicle, or at least desk height in an office.
  • TIP: If you don’t have the time or breath for balloons, use packing peanuts, plastic cups or cardboard boxes.
  • Step 6: Be a Good Sport After you get the pleasure of seeing your prank pay off, be a good sport and offer your target a little help in dealing with his buried work space.
  • FACT: A dental assistant sued her boss after he implanted fake boar’s tusks in her mouth while she was under anesthesia as a practical joke.

You Will Need

  • A lot of balloons
  • Some packing tape
  • A little help
  • Packing peanuts
  • Plastic cups
  • Cardboard boxes

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