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How to Find an IP Address

Every computer that has an internet connection has a unique identifier called an internet protocol address. These tips will tell you how to find your personal IP address.


  • Step 1: Search internet Search the internet. Many web sites will give you your IP address for free.
  • Step 2: Find IP for Windows XP and Vista Find your IP address for Windows XP and Vista by clicking the Start button.
  • Step 3: Click Control Panel Click Control Panel, clicking Network and Internet, and then clicking Network and Sharing Center.
  • Step 4: Type Under Connection, click View status. Click Details. Your computer's IP address appears in the Value column, next to "IPV4 IP Address."
  • TIP: Watch for detailed connection information to appear along with your IP address.
  • Step 5: Roll over the Remote Administration icon In Windows, roll your cursor over the Remote Administration program icon in the system tray or taskbar in the lower right corner of your screen. Many remote administration programs will display your IP address when your cursor rolls over the icon.
  • FACT: Did you know? The first programmable digital computer made in the U.S. was a joint venture between Harvard and IBM in 1944, called the Mark I.

You Will Need

  • Internet access

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