How to Overcome Your Sexual Inhibitions

Increase your sexual pleasure by learning how to let go of the hang-ups that are holding you back.

You will need

  • Sexual fantasies
  • Privacy
  • Tantric sex
  • Sex therapy
  • Exercise (optional)
  • A sexual partner with no emotional connection (optional)

Step 1 Don't lean on booze Don’t use alcohol or drugs as a crutch to loosen you up. They may lower your inhibitions, but research shows it can also lead to risky sexual behavior you could regret.

Step 2 Use your imagination Use sexual fantasies to transport you to a place where you aren’t so self-conscious.

Step 3 Have privacy Make sure you have privacy. One in three Americans polled said that worrying about being overheard inhibits their performance.

Step 4 Take up tantric sex Try some tantric sex techniques. An ancient Eastern spiritual practice, tantra involves breathing exercises, chanting, meditation, and delayed sexual gratification that helps partners relax.

Step 5 Find an "icebreaker" If you don’t have a sexual partner, consider finding one with whom you have no desire for a romantic or long-term relationship. You’ll be able to experiment without fear of embarrassment or rejection.

Step 6 Get therapy Consider getting sex therapy. Make sure the counselor is a board-certified sex therapist or sexologist.