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How to Throw a Budget-Friendly Block Party

Having a block party is a great way to get to know your neighbors. You can have a lot of fun, even on a budget.


  • Step 1: Plan ahead Make a shopping list as early as you can. The more time you give yourself to shop for bargains, the more time you'll have to hunt for them.
  • TIP: Find paper plates, cups, napkins, and flatware at dollar stores.
  • Step 2: Recruit a co-host Ask a couple of neighbors to co-host. You can split the costs, as well as the work involved in preparing and cleaning up.
  • Step 3: Make flyers Make flyers and, in addition to including the time and date, request donations like tables, chairs, barbeques, food, and beverages. Include your phone number or e-mail address on the flyer so that people can let you know what they'll be bringing.
  • Step 4: Buy in bulk Find a neighbor with a discount club membership if you don’t have one. Buy food for the party in bulk.
  • TIP: Having the party as a potluck can reduce your costs.
  • Step 5: Contact local businesses Contact local businesses for donations. Sometimes local stores will donate door prizes, equipment, or coupons as a way to attract new customers.
  • Step 6: Plan activities Arrange for inexpensive activities and games. Sack races, bike parades, and water balloon fights are cheap entertainment.
  • TIP: Put a sign up at the end of the block to remind neighbors to attend.
  • Step 7: Employ kids Offer children cash or prizes for picking up trash and cleaning up when the party is over.
  • Step 8: Enjoy Enjoy the party! Have fun and mingle.
  • FACT: Did you know? The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai threw a $20 million grand opening party in 2008.

You Will Need

  • Supplies
  • Co-hosts
  • Flyers
  • A discount club membership
  • Activities
  • Signage
  • Cash or prizes for kids

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