How to Bleach Your Hair

Bleaching your hair is a big decision and needs to be done correctly to get the desired results.

You will need

  • Time
  • Conditioner
  • Research
  • Home-bleaching kit
  • Towel
  • Gloves
  • Shampoo

Step 1 Condition your hair Use a high-quality conditioner on your hair for a few weeks prior to bleaching to help minimize damage.

Step 2 Pick hair bleach Visit a salon-supply store and choose a high-quality home-bleaching kit.

Step 3 Follow instructions Read over the instructions to familiarize yourself with the steps, and follow them carefully.

Step 4 Protect clothes and skin Protect your clothes by wrapping a towel around your neck.

Step 5 Mix the solution and apply Put on gloves to protect your skin. Mix the solution and apply the bleach evenly to your hair. Begin at the back of your head moving quickly around and ending at the top.

Step 6 Bleach roots Apply bleach to the roots, being careful not to allow the bleach to directly contact your scalp.

Step 7 Let bleach sit Let the bleach set for the instructed time. Rinse your hair completely when you have reached your desire shade.

Step 8 Apply conditioner Shampoo and apply plenty of conditioner.