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How to Choose Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

If you're a brown-eyed girl, go for the glam with makeup that accentuates your dark eyes.


  • Step 1: Match eye makeup to outfit Match your eye makeup to your outfit. Brown eyes are versatile, so don't be picky with your palette -- go for what complements your clothes.
  • Step 2: Pick earth tones for a subtle look Pick gold, taupe, green, and brown shades for a more subdued look. Most brown eyes have flecks of these colors in them, making those tones blend in for a natural, softer look.
  • Step 3: Use lighter makeup shades Open up and add a little glint to your eyes with pinks, champagnes, and taupes.
  • TIP: Glittery shadows are another fun way of brightening dark eyes.
  • Step 4: Use dark shades Make your dark eyes sultry and dramatic with purples, blues, and dark grays. Blend these colors well so you don't look like you're headed out for fright night.
  • Step 5: Try colored liners Have fun with colored liners. Black on brown eyes can make your eyes look too heavy and droopy. Lighten things up with brown or blue kohl, or a flirty teal or purple.
  • Step 6: Add highlighter beneath Add highlighter or concealer right under the lower lashes to minimize dark circles. Lightening the eye area will make your brown eyes stand out.
  • Step 7: Use blue or navy mascara Finish with blue or navy mascara to make the whites of your eyes appear whiter, giving your brown eyes a richer, deeper glow.
  • FACT: Did you know? Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl hit Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart in 1967.

You Will Need

  • Matte or frosted eye shadows
  • Eyeliner
  • Under-eye highlighter or concealer
  • Blue or navy mascara
  • Glittery eye shadow (optional)

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