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How to Save Your Favorite TV Show from Cancellation

Sick over the possible cancellation of a great series? Stop whining and start resurrecting it!


  • Step 1: Know the odds Decide if a fight is worthwhile. A new show with a small but loyal following has more chance of being saved than a long-term show whose popularity is petering out.
  • Step 2: Make a pre-emptive strike Help a ratings-challenged show by joining the lobbying efforts of a web site like The site lists shows that are in danger of termination; votes to save the show are periodically sent to network executives.
  • Step 3: Start a web site Search the internet for web sites dedicated to saving the show so you can add your support. If none exist, start one. Post contact information for the network's entertainment executives, and ask fans to bombard them with letters, faxes, phone calls, and e-mail. Provide a forum on your site where fans can leave comments.
  • TIP: Experts say handwritten letters make a bigger impact than e-mails.
  • Step 4: Alert TV critics Research TV critics who have given positive reviews to your show and ask them to help publicize your campaign.
  • Step 5: Buy the DVD set If there are DVD sets of your show, buy them, and encourage friends to do the same. If a network sees a spike in sales, they may reconsider their decision to cancel a show.
  • Step 6: Target another network Alert other stations to your efforts, especially cable channels. Another network might be willing to pick up the show if you can prove it has a rabid following.
  • FACT: When NBC announced it would cancel Star Trek in 1968, it received over 100,000 letters of protest, and renewed the series for one more season.

You Will Need

  • A web site
  • A writing campaign
  • Supportive TV critics
  • DVD purchases

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