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How to Yodel

The secret to yodeling is finding the break in your voice, and being able to switch between your high and low vocal registers rapidly.


  • Step 1: Choose a yodeling phrase Start with a combination of consonant and vowel sounds. Choose a phrase that you can vocalize in one breath. For example, combinations of sounds like hodl-oh-ooh-dee-hodl-ay-ee-dee.
  • Step 2: Switch vocal registers Insert jumps in your voice from your speaking register to falsetto as you repeat the phrase. For example, vocalize OOH-DEE and EE-DEE in falsetto, while using your speaking voice for the rest of the phrase.
  • TIP: The human voice has at least two distinct vocal registers. The falsetto or head voice is the higher of the two registers. The chest voice is similar to the speaking voice.
  • Step 3: Practice Vocalize the selected phrase in one breath until you are comfortable with the register shifts. The sample phrase would behodl--oh-OOH-DEE-hodl-ay--EE-DEE.
  • Step 4: Practice with recordings Practice yodeling to the accompaniment of professional recordings.
  • Step 5: Expand your repertoire Practice yodeling with increasingly complicated patterns. Remember; yodeling requires you to be able to switch registers several times quickly at high volume.
  • FACT: Did you know? Yodeling began as a way of communicating over large distances in the Alps.

You Will Need

  • A combination of consonant and vowel sounds
  • An ability to switch vocal registers
  • Professional yodeling recordings
  • Practice

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