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How to Stick to Your Diet While on Vacation

Sticking to your diet and exercise regimen while away will help you avoid the post-vacation blues.


  • Step 1: Plan ahead Think about the meals you will eat before starting your vacation.
  • Step 2: Enjoy breakfast Enjoy a special breakfast, but cut back on calories at other meals.
  • Step 3: Eat vegetables Fill out your meals with raw or cooked vegetables.
  • TIP: Bring healthy, fiber-rich foods, especially vegetables, for snacking or eating before going to a restaurant.
  • Step 4: Don’t clean your plate Stop eating when your hunger is satisfied -- don’t stuff yourself.
  • TIP: Drink plenty of water so you feel less hungry and tired.
  • Step 5: Indulge in small quantities Allow yourself to indulge and try new foods in small quantities.
  • Step 6: Exercise Walk, use a gym, or take a fun exercise class.
  • FACT: The serving size of French fries increased from 2.4 ounces in the 1950s to 7.1 ounces in 2003.

You Will Need

  • A plan
  • Calorie consciousness
  • Raw or cooked vegetables
  • Water
  • Willpower
  • Healthy snacks (optional)

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