How to Make a Coin Disappear in Your Hand

There are a million ways to make a coin disappear, but this is the classic technique used in hundreds of tricks.

You will need

  • A large coin
  • preferably a 50-cent piece
  • Your hand

Step 1 Position coin Hold the coin between your thumb and the first two fingers of your hand. Extend the coin out in front of you with your thumb behind it.

Step 2 Move your hands together When you have your audience’s attention, move your hands together so that the empty one covers the hand with the coin. Pretend to be taking the coin, but as your empty hand covers it, simply tuck the coin into the middle joint of the third, fourth, and fifth fingers of the hand it started in.

Step 3 Refocus attention As you pull away the hand that supposedly now has the coin, focus audience attention on it by pointing to it with the hand concealing the coin. With your audience distracted, curl your last three fingers casually around the coin.

Step 4 Make it vanish You can now tell the audience that you will make the coin disappear, but for you the real trick is done. You just have to decide how you want to “vanish” the coin — by banging your hand on the table, throwing it up in the air, or perhaps swallowing it.

Step 5 Dispose of the coin You might want to let the coin slip out of your hand on the sly. Or, reach over and casually pull it out of someone’s ear.