How to Ice Cupcakes

Follow these steps for a beautiful finish to your scrumptious cupcake treats.

You will need

  • Cupcakes
  • Icing
  • A butter knife or spatula
  • Colored sugar
  • Candy sprinkles
  • Chopped nuts
  • A pastry bag (optional)

Step 1 Allow cupcakes to cool Allow freshly-baked cupcakes to cool to room temperature, about a half an hour. Remove the cupcakes from the pan, and place them on a level surface.

Step 2 Remove icing from the refrigerator and stir Remove the icing from the refrigerator and stir it with a butter knife or a small spatula. The icing should be creamy, but still thick.

Step 3 Scoop icing on the center of the cupcake Scoop a dollop of icing onto the center of the top of the cupcake using the knife or spatula.

Step 4 Spread icing from the center out Spread the icing in a circular pattern on the top of the cupcake, starting at the center and working out toward the edges.

Step 5 Evenly cover the entire top of the cupcake Continue to spread the icing in a circle until you have covered the entire top of the cupcake evenly with a layer of icing.

Step 6 Add additional decorations Add decorations, such as colored sugar, sprinkles, and chopped nuts.