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How to Create a Modern Scavenger Hunt

Whether your scavenger hunt is for group competition or just fun, add a tech twist and let the games begin.


  • Step 1: Charge up phones All hunt participants must have a charged cell phone, so alert everyone involved ahead of time, and then charge your own.
  • Step 2: Text some directions Start by texting the participants a location and time. When they text you back to say they’re there, let them know the hunt has begun!
  • Step 3: Issue a picture challenge Issue a picture challenge. Make the hunters take a series of pictures and send them back to you within a time limit. Then give out the next clue.
  • Step 4: Create math problems Create a math problem for them to solve. Make the solution the next number they have to call.
  • Step 5: Use riddles Use riddles to spur them on to their next stop.
  • Step 6: Have them complete activities Have the hunters jump through a series of creative hoops. Of course you'll need proof, so make them send you video of themselves doing the deed.
  • Step 7: Composite your final clue Make your final clue a combination of the other clues, like a pictogram or another puzzle. When they connect all the dots, the wild goose chase is over--reward them!
  • FACT: Since 1987, students at the University of Chicago have annually hosted the world's largest scavenger hunt. Past items have included a live elephant and a superconductor.

You Will Need

  • A game plan with clues
  • Cell phones
  • A sense of adventure
  • Accomplice

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