How to Make Fake Blood

Scare the crap out of people this Halloween by sporting some very realistic fake blood.

You will need

  • 20.0 oz A bottle of light corn syrup
  • Red
  • blue
  • and yellow food coloring
  • 20.0 oz Cough syrup (optional)
  • Chicken livers (optional)

Step 1 Pour corn syrup in bowl Pour 16 ounces of light corn syrup into a bowl.

Step 2 Add red food coloring Add one tablespoon of red food coloring.

Step 3 Mix thoroughly Mix thoroughly.

Step 4 Mix in blue & yellow food coloring To darken the blood, mix in one drop of blue and yellow food coloring.

Step 5 Smear on hands Smear it on your hands, and let the bloodbath begin—you’re deranged, you’re a zombie, you’re a psycho killer on the loose and if you’re not careful, you’re going to stain something with that red dye.