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How to Clean a Ceramic Tile Floor

It's the porous surface of ceramic tiles that make them so warm and welcoming to bare feet—it's also what makes them so vulnerable to stains and grime.


  • Step 1: Vacuum floor Vacuum your floor thoroughly to remove any loose dirt or grime.
  • Step 2: Mix solution For an unsealed floor, mix the vinegar into the bucket of warm water. For a sealed floor, mix the mild soap into the water instead.
  • TIP: Sealed tile floors should be waxed once a year -- and stripped, re-sealed, and re-waxed every few years.
  • Step 3: Scrub stains If there are any stains, use the cleaning solution and the plastic-bristled brush to scrub them away.
  • Step 4: Soak mop Soak the mop in the bucket containing the cleaning solution, then ring it out.
  • TIP: Check warnings or recommendations from the tile's manufacturers before using a commercial cleaner.
  • Step 5: Mop floor Mop the floor.
  • Step 6: Fill bucket with water Empty the cleaning solution and fill the bucket with clean water.
  • Step 7: Rinse floor Mop the floor again to rinse, making sure not to mop yourself into a corner.
  • Step 8: Let floor dry Allow the floor to dry, then take off your shoes and go for a stroll.
  • FACT: In the West African country of Mauritania, it's traditional to eat sitting on the floor.

You Will Need

  • A vacuum with a floor or brush attachment
  • A bucket with 2 gal. of warm water
  • A quarter c. of white vinegar or a quarter cup of mild soap
  • A rag mop
  • A brush with plastic bristles

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