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How to In-line Skate

In-line skating isn’t so hard – follow these instructions and you’ll be ready to roll around town.


  • Step 1: Find a place to skate Find a place to skate with a smooth asphalt or concrete surface and a good amount of open space. Empty parking lots are usually a safe bet.
  • Step 2: Put on safety gear and skates Put on your safety gear and skates.
  • TIP: Make sure that your helmet fits snugly on your head. There should be no play in the chin strap.
  • Step 3: Stand up Stand up slowly, keeping your knees slightly bent. Take a moment to get your balance.
  • Step 4: Take a step Take a small step with your dominant foot.
  • Step 5: Push Push toward the ground with your opposite foot.
  • Step 6: Alternate Push with your dominant foot while bringing your other foot forward. Repeat this process continually.
  • Step 7: Practice braking Gently push back on one of your heels to brake.
  • TIP: If your rear brake fails, simply drag one of your skates on its side. This will slow you down in a hurry.
  • Step 8: Practice Practice skating and stopping until you’re comfortable. Pretty soon you’ll be ready for the open road.
  • FACT: Almost half of injuries to skaters are sustained by people without proper safety gear.

You Will Need

  • In-line skates
  • A helmet
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Wrist guards (optional)

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