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How to Build a Fire Pit

Nothing completes the camping experience like a fire for everyone to gather around. Keep the fire contained and everyone safe with a temporary fire pit.


  • Step 1: Find a suitable place Find a suitable place for a fire pit at least 30 feet away from roads, trees, buildings, cars, tents, brush, hanging branches, and any other flammable objects.
  • Step 2: Dig a pit Dig a pit between 3 and 4 feet in diameter and 6 to 12 inches deep.
  • TIP: Keep the pile of displaced dirt near the pit to extinguish the fire later.
  • Step 3: Collect large stones Collect stones the range from the size of your fist to the size of a bowling ball. Don't use stones from a beach or riverbed, since wet rocks can fracture or explode when heated.
  • Step 4: Line the pit with stones Line the outside edge of the pit with stones. Lay the larger ones down first; then stack the smaller stones on top of them until the rocks are about a foot above ground level.
  • Step 5: Enjoy your fire Enjoy the fire! Before leaving or going to sleep, extinguish the fire completely by pouring buckets of water over it, and shoveling the displaced dirt over the logs.
  • Step 6: Clear the area Fill the hole and put the stones back to leave the campsite just as it was when you found it.
  • FACT: On average, about 65 million Americans 16 and older go camping each year.

You Will Need

  • A safe place for a fire
  • A shovel
  • Rocks
  • A campfire
  • A bucket
  • Water

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