How To Transfer Schools

Make the switch from one college to another as simple as possible with these tips.

You will need

  • Transferrable college credits
  • Acceptance

Step 1 Find out what you'll need Contact the school you wish to attend to find out their admission requirements for transfer students. Some don’t accept transfer credits at all.

Step 2 Speak with the admissions counselor Speak with the school’s admissions counselor to find out which of your credits will likely transfer and which won’t. Some schools only accept courses where you got a C, or even a B, if the subject relates to your major.

Step 3 Fill out an application Complete the application process. You’ll likely have to send your high school and college transcripts.

Step 4 Know what you're getting into Know what you’re getting into. Financial aid may be more difficult for transfer students, and some schools require that you stay in a dorm or special housing.

Step 5 Get a final transfer check Once you’re accepted, meet with an adviser to find out which credits the school will transfer. If you’re not satisfied, some schools allow you to appeal the decision.

Step 6 Make a fresh start Make the most of your fresh start!