How To Get Aloe From a Plant

Pure aloe vera gel has been used for thousands of years to treat minor burns. Here's how to harvest it yourself, from an aloe vera plant.

You will need

  • An aloe vera plant
  • A serrated knife

Step 1 Cut off an aloe vera leaf Using a serrated knife, cut a large aloe vera leaf from a living plant. The leaf should be green and thick.

Step 2 Drain the liquid resin Hold the leaf cut side down and allow the liquid resin in the inner lining of the leaf to drip out.

Step 3 Cut off the top layer Cut off the top layer of the leaf’s skin to expose the underlying layer of aloe vera gel.

Step 4 Cut away the sides of the leaf Cut away the skin from the two sides of the leaf.

Step 5 Remove the gel Cut the layer of gel away from the bottom layer of skin and place it in a cup.