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How to Do the Color Monte Trick

Show off your magic skills with this great card trick that's entertaining and easy to learn.


  • Step 1: Stack the cards in your hand Square the three cards in your hand with the random card on top, the red Ace in the middle, and the black Ace on the bottom.
  • Step 2: Show the red Ace Perform a double-lift, grabbing the top and middle cards together, pulling the two cards off to look like one card. Show the red Ace from the bottom of the two cards to the audience, and place them on top of the other card.
  • TIP: If you can perfect the double-lift, you can do hundreds of other card tricks.
  • Step 3: Show the red Ace again Take the top card, which should be the random card, and set it aside face down. The audience will think this is the red Ace. Show them the actual red Ace and place it on top of the random card aside. Repeat this with the black Ace.
  • Step 4: Move top two cards to the bottom Double-lift the top two cards the same way as in step two and move them to the bottom. You will appear to have moved only the black Ace to the bottom. Now reveal that the red Ace is on the bottom.
  • TIP: Learn a fast-paced patter to keep your audience occupied while you perform sleight-of-hand tricks.
  • Step 5: Grab the top and bottom cards Slide the middle card out slightly using your first two fingers. Then pull the bottom card and the top card off together, so they look like one card. Show the audience the red Ace, which is now at the bottom of the two cards you pulled. Place those cards back on top while maintaining the illusion of one card.
  • Step 6: Reveal the middle card Show the audience the middle card, which is now the red Ace again. The audience has now seen the red Ace in all three positions. Place the red Ace back in the middle.
  • Step 7: Reveal the black card Show the audience the black Ace on the bottom. Using the same method from step five, pull the top and bottom cards off together so that it looks as if the black Ace has jumped to the top card.
  • Step 8: Reveal the random card Place all three cards in a row on the table, face-down. Flip over the red and black Aces, and put the random card face-down in the middle. The audience still thinks the middle card must be a red Ace. Flip over the middle card to reveal the random card.
  • FACT: The "monte" card game first appeared in the early 19th century and derives from the Spanish word for mountain.

You Will Need

  • One red Ace
  • One black Ace
  • One random card
  • An audience

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