How to Do the Dream Queen Card Trick

Leave your friends begging for your secrets by performing this bit of sleight of hand.

You will need

  • Two double-backed cards
  • red and blue
  • Two double-suited Queen cards with different colored backs
  • A card sleeve
  • An audience

Step 1 Put double-backed cards on ends of deck Square the cards with the double-backed cards on the top and bottom, the blue sides facing the same direction.

Step 2 Arrange the Queens in the middle of the deck Arrange the Queens between the double-backed cards, with all blue backs facing the same direction. Put the cards in the sleeve.

Step 3 Ask audience to pick a suit Ask someone in the audience to shout the name of any suit. Announce that you will now make the Queen of that suit magically appear.

Step 4 Pull cards out of the sleeve, suited Queen face up Say, “Now I will awaken your sleeping Queen.” Pull the cards out of the sleeve, with the Queen of the chosen suit face up and turned towards the audience.

Step 5 Fan the cards to show the Queen Fan the cards, showing the audience the backs of three cards and the face of the card with the Queen of the chosen suit.

Step 6 Flip the Queen and show it has changed color Pull the Queen out of the stack, quickly flipping it over to reveal that its back is a different color from the other cards.

Step 7 Return the cards to the sleeve and never let your audience know about the secret of your magic cards, no matter how much they beg!