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How to Draw a Dog

Man’s best friend is one of the most enjoyable subjects to draw. Make drawing dogs easy by using basic shapes and these hints.


  • Step 1: Draw hindquarters and rib cage Draw a dog side view by lightly sketching a circle to represent the rib cage. Draw a smaller vertical oval a short distance to the left of the rib cage and slightly lower to represent hindquarters.
  • TIP: Draw lightly so you may erase your guidelines later for a finished work.
  • Step 2: Complete the body Complete the body by connecting the rib cage and hindquarters with a cylinder shape. Add an elongated triangle for the tail, making sure it flows from the top of the hindquarters.
  • Step 3: Draw legs and paws Draw legs and paws by adding two elongated triangles to the lower edge of the hindquarters, overlapping the triangle closest to your point of view. Repeat this step, adding the legs connected to the ribcage. Draw small horizontal ovals for each paw and define the paws with two or three short, straight lines.
  • Step 4: Draw head Draw an oval to represent the head, locating it a short distance above the ribcage, making sure it extends over the ribcage. Add triangles to the top of the head for pointed ears or a vertical oval for the one floppy ear visible from a side view. Connect the head to the body with a cylinder shape.
  • TIP: Closely observe and adjust basic shape proportions to draw your favorite breed.
  • Step 5: Round the form Round the form by smoothing out the connected shapes. Erase your guidelines.
  • Step 6: Add face Add details to the face by drawing eyes, a nose, and mouth, making your canine creation sparkle with life.
  • FACT: Did you know? Depictions of dogs have been found in paintings, drawings, engravings, and other art for thousands of years.

You Will Need

  • A charcoal or graphite pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser

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