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How to Draw Flowers

Even if you've never picked up a drawing tool, you can capture the beauty of flowers when you learn to how use basic shapes.


  • Step 1: Study the shape Look closely at your flower to determine its basic shape.
  • TIP: Circles, ovals, triangles, cylinders, and combinations of these, are the basic shapes artists use when drawing flowers and leaves.
  • Step 2: Draw basic shapes Draw three circles overlapping at the center as the basic shape of a simple flower.
  • Step 3: Add cluster Add two clusters of three to five overlapping circles, surrounding the first blossom.
  • Step 4: Refine shape Refine petal shapes by adding a more detailed outline to the petals to improve the accuracy of the flowers' contour.
  • TIP: Take your artist tools to a field or garden and draw flowers in their natural surroundings to get inspired.
  • Step 5: Add stamen and detail Add a small circle to the center of the flowers for the stamen, and draw lines from the stamen to the petal edge to create detail.
  • TIP: Observe flowers from different angles to be able to capture their three-dimensional aspect.
  • Step 6: Add shading Shade the dark areas of the flowers using the broad edge of your pencil lead or charcoal. By looking deeply at your flower subject, you can capture the beauty, delicacy, and complexity that have made flowers a romantic symbol for generations.
  • FACT: Did you know? Roses, nasturtiums, and violets are among the many edible flower varieties.

You Will Need

  • A flower
  • A charcoal or graphite pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser

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