How to Seduce a Woman

Don't rely on cheesy lines recommended by self-described pick-up artists. These tips have scientific research on their side.

You will need

  • A declaration of love
  • A declaration of commitment
  • A secluded spot
  • Self deprecation
  • A physically strenuous or anxiety-producing activity
  • Eye contact

Step 1 Tell her you love her Tell her you love her. Researchers found this to be the most effective way to get a woman into bed. We’ll leave the ethics to you.

Step 2 Say you're committed to her Can’t bring yourself to say those three little words? Imply that you’re committed to her, which runs a close second to, “I love you.”

Step 3 Tell her you care for her Still stammering? Tell her you care about her very deeply. It’s only slightly less effective than those first two lines.

Step 4 Go somewhere private Now that she’s interested, take her to a secluded place. Privacy helps put women in the mood.

Step 5 Practice self-deprecation Be self-deprecating. One anthropologist found that many women are sexually attracted to men who appear modest in a funny, charming way.

Step 6 Get physical Plan a physically taxing activity for the two of you. Getting a woman’s heart rate up primes her for sexual arousal. Or, do something slightly scary; anxiety works, too.

Step 7 Make eye contact Trying to seduce a stranger? Make eye contact and hold it. And we do mean eye contact: Women are turned on by a guy who looks deeply into their eyes, and turned off by one who looks their body up and down before stopping at their breasts.

Step 8 Make it about her No matter who you’re trying to seduce, or how long you’ve known her, remember this golden rule: It’s all about her. If you can get her to talk about herself, and convince her that you are hanging on her every word, you’re halfway home.