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How to Become a Yoga Instructor

Are you twisting yourself up in knots trying to figure out how to become a teacher of yoga? Unwind with these simple suggestions.


  • : Always consult a physician before attempting to do any exercise or exercise plan.
  • Step 1: Learn yoga Learn yoga. In order to teach something, you have to know it yourself. Take classes, learn the poses, learn the skills.
  • Step 2: Identify your niche Identify what style of yoga and what demographic you are most interested in teaching.
  • Step 3: Find a training program Find a training program that best fits your yoga philosophy, as well as your schedule and budget. Ask at your local studio or search online to find the right school.
  • TIP: While most states do not require training certification for instructors, the schools that hire instructors will give preference to those who have it.
  • Step 4: Complete the training Complete your training. Most programs require 200 hours of instruction that spans practice, philosophy, meditation, hands-on teaching practicum, and observed teaching.
  • Step 5: Find a place to teach Find a studio or gym that needs an instructor or is open to you starting a class. Ensure a good fit by attending a few classes to observe the studio's or gym's approach.
  • TIP: If the studio or gym is not hiring, offer to teach a class for free to get a foot in the door and show your skills.
  • Step 6: Keep your day job Keep your day job. While yoga is a wonderful practice and teaching it is a great avocation, it doesn't pay the bills on its own for most people.
  • FACT: In the earliest days of yoga, apprentices lived with their gurus for years or decades.

You Will Need

  • Love of yoga
  • Practice
  • Training
  • Yoga studio
  • Internet access
  • Desire to help others
  • Training certification (optional)

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