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How to Play Trivial Pursuit

Stimulate your intellect with a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit. Follow these game rules to start the contest of wits.


  • Step 1: Get started Place the pie-shaped game pieces in the hexagonal "hub" on the center of the board. Roll a die to decide the order of play by who gets the highest roll.
  • Step 2: Understand the object Collect pie wedges in six categories by aiming to land on each of the pie squares in turn and answering the corresponding questions correctly.
  • TIP: If you can't land on a pie square, try to land on a "roll again" space for another chance at moving your piece to the pie square.
  • Step 3: Think of the answer Answer the question the opposing player reads from the top card of the deck. The question topic will correspond to the color of the square your piece is on. If you answer correctly, roll again; if not, the next player takes their turn.
  • TIP: If you don’t know the answer, look for clues in the question. For instance, "Where is Hershey chocolate produced?" In Hershey, Pennsylvania.
  • Step 4: Complete your pie Collect a pie wedge of the corresponding color if you correctly answer a question while your game piece is resting on a pie square. Collect only one of each pie wedge color.
  • Step 5: Win the game Continue playing until someone has obtained one of each colored pie wedge. That player then moves toward the center hub with each roll of the dice. In the hub, the player must correctly answer a question in a category chosen by other players to win the game.
  • FACT: Trivial Pursuit, which debuted in 1982, sold for $80 million in 2008.

You Will Need

  • Two or more players
  • A Trivial Pursuit game

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