How to Ignore a Girl

You are perfectly capable of driving a girl crazy. Show them who really doesn't need who.

You will need

  • An attitude
  • Sunglasses
  • A cell phone
  • A computer with internet access
  • A Facebook account
  • Another girl
  • Distracting entertainment

Step 1 Stare past her Disappoint the girl who wants to be the center of attention by not listening to her and staring past her, wearing sunglasses.

Step 2 Act like you don't need her Get the girl’s attention by acting like you don’t need it.

Step 3 Get busy Keep to yourself and avoid contact by acting busy, pretending to be on your cell phone, or in a hurry to get somewhere.

Step 4 Ignore calls and confrontations Ignore her incessant calls and texts simply because you’re busy. Don’t invite her to be a friend on Facebook.

Step 5 Spend time with another Spend time with another girl. Go to public places and display affection so word gets around.

Step 6 Immerse yourself Immerse yourself in entertainment – music, movies, TV, video games – in your own private space to avoid places where you will encounter her.