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How to Ignore a Guy

There are many reasons someone may want to ignore a guy. Follow these tips on how to succeed at it.


  • Step 1: Do not respond Do not respond to phone messages, e-mails, or text messages.
  • TIP: Do not lead someone on. Be specific about your feelings.
  • Step 2: Avoid eye contact Avoid eye contact if you see him in person.
  • Step 3: Do not engage in conversation Do not engage in a conversation. If he starts up one with you, politely excuse yourself.
  • Step 4: Avoid likely places Avoid places where he will be hanging out. Do not visit his work, school, or places he hangs out with friends.
  • FACT: Most stalkers are the spouse, ex-spouse, acquaintance, or a family member of the victim.

You Will Need

  • Consistency

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