How to Give a Whisper Kiss

Deceptively simple, the whisper kiss can be deadly sexy.

You will need

  • A partner
  • A secret
  • Your lips and mouth
  • A breath strip (optional)

Step 1 Tell your partner a secret Tell your partner you have a secret to tell them. Think of something naughty or a laundry list of why you think they’re sexy.

Step 2 Get close Lean in and get close to their face, until you’re almost touching. Tilt your head slightly and look deeply into their eyes.

Step 3 Whisper Whisper or speak in a low, seductive voice and tell them your “secret.”

Step 4 Brush lips Brush your lips lightly against theirs from time to time as you speak.

Step 5 Kiss Go in for a deep kiss after prolonging the teasing lip brushes. It will feel amazing!